Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Photos from the victory celebration

Hank Jones, Richard Brown, Cisco Torres, Ray Boudreaux, Richard O'Neal, Harold Taylor of the SF8 with Soffiyah Elijah (atty) and Claude Marks on sound in bkgrd. At the SF8 Victory Celebration at the African-American Art & Culture Complex.

The crowd of over 200 applauded again and again; the BLO welcomed us

Generations joined in celebrating, some younger than the case itself, some from the Third World Strike at SF State, some could remember Marian Anderson singing at the Lincoln Memorial

The Brass Liberation Orchestra, who energized many of our rallies, were there in force to welcome everyone

Soffiyah and Cisco address the crowd

Attorney Soffiyah Elijah runs the case down (with our invaluable stage manager Sarolta in the background)

Francisco "Cisco" Torres was the last of the defendants to have his charges dismissed – here standing with Ray Boudreaux and Richard O'Neal

Richard O'Neal, Harold Taylor, Hank Jones and Richard Brown

Richard O'Neal and Harold Taylor

Hank Jones and Richard Brown

Ray Boudreaux, Richard O'Neal, Richard Brown and Francisco Torres

Ray Boudreaux and Richard O'Neal

Richard Brown, Francisco Torres and Ray Boudreaux

Lawyers and families were there

The victorious legal team was represented by Rai Sue Sussman, John Philipsborn, Chuck Bourdon and Stuart Hanlon – kudos to all!

Families came from far and wide, including Deshaun Bowman, son of John Bowman, who passed early in the case and is deeply missed

Continuing support for Herman and Jalil. Resistance to all political repression.

Central to the celebration was our commitment to keep on until Herman Bell and Jalil Muntaqim are free, as expressed in this banner and letters to them

Jess Sundin of the Committee to End FBI Repression came from Minnesota to express her support, and the crowd voiced its support for those like Jess who continue to face political repression.

Maisha Quint helps remember Javad Jahi

Maisha Quint read poetry from our departed comrade Javad Jahi

Hank Jones, Richard Brown, Francisco Torres, Ray Boudreaux, Richard O'Neal, Harold Taylor, Soffiyah Elijah and emcee Kiilu Nyasha thanked the crowd and all those supporters from France to Philly to Hawaii who could not be there

Kaylah Marin and devorah major contributed greatly

Kaylah Marin's singing fused all our pain and joy

SF Poet Laureate added excruciatingly beautiful words

A hard-earned celebration

Kiilu Nyasha emceed, the Brass Liberation Orchestra played

Hank Jones, Richard Brown, Francisco Torres, Richard O'Neal, Harold Taylor, Soffiyah Elijah, Ray Boudreaux with emcee Kiilu Nyasha

The Brass Liberation Orchestra played for a slide show of the six+ year history of the case (John Bowman shown, RIP)

The Troublemakers Union led the dancing

Performers danced, the audience danced – led by the young Troublemakers
Akinyele led great dance music by the Troublemakers Union

The Troublemakers Union played and played

Young vocalists from the Troublemakers Union captured our hearts

The Troubemakers Union rocked the house

More of the Troublemakers Union

Everyone loved the music

The Troublemakers Union played and played – fantastic!

Congratulations from supporters

Supervisor (and mayoral candidate) John Avalos was there.

Long-time supporters Judy and Diana helped throw down.

Over 200 supporters, friends and family came to the victory celebration.