Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Waiting for more discovery in last SF8 case

Numerous supporters of the San Francisco 8 came to the San Francisco courthouse at the beginning of the month (July 1) even though the only issue to be decided was the scheduling of future court dates. This was an important show of support for Francisco Torres, the last of the SF 8 still facing charges, since the prosecution may have hoped that the summer doldrums and long gaps between court appearances would erode solidarity.

The judge set September 17 for the next status appearance and for establishing the briefing schedule for the motion to dismiss the remaining charges.

Defense attorney Chuck Bourdon explained that the FBI has still not provided all the evidence in the discovery process, claiming that they are still looking for it. In the meantime it only becomes more apparent that the long delays in the thirty-nine-year old case are prejudicial to the cause of justice.

So mark your calendars: September 17 at 850 Bryant Street, San Francisco.