Wednesday, September 17, 2008

New stuff: Drop the Charges newsletter

Yes, the new tabloid newsletter is now available: Drop the Charges. Four pages, newspaper-sized, ready as of September 20, 2008. See it on your computer in PDF format and order copies from the addresses below.

Also the basic brochure is updated -- one sheet front and back, get it as a PDF file Download now.

Monday, September 15, 2008

SF 8 & Political Prisoner Events at the Critical Resistance Conference (Oakland 9/26-28)

Thanks for all your support at CR10, the prison abolition conference that was held in Oakland, California the end of September.

Hank Jones of the SF8 spoke at the opening night celebration. Panels on p0litical prisoners featured Richard Brown and Harold Taylor of the SF8 and attorney Soffiyah Elijah. Others included Ashanti Alston, Bo Brown, Masai Ehehosi, Meg Starr, Dan Berger, Ziad Abbas, Pam Africa, Ramona Africa, Fred Hampton Jr., JR, Julia Wright, and Leslie Jones. Also featured were Leonard Peltier and First Nations political prisoners and women political prisoners with Lucy Rodriguez, Susan Rosenberg, and others from Iran, Palestine and the Philippines.

Preview of new COINTELPRO film
A panel on COINTELPRO – the government's dirty tricks (up to assassination) directed against the Black Freedom Movement and other progressive movements – featured a preview of COINTELPRO 101, a new film from Freedom Archives on the subject with a focus on the SF 8 case. Panel discussion with filmmakers and participants included Cynthia McKinney; Lucy Rodríguez; Soffiyah Elijah; Elliot Monteverde, and Claude Marks.

Benefit Concert for the Angola 3 and the SF 8
After all the talking SF8 supporters put on a party benefitting the Angola 3 and the SF 8, featuring Martin Luther with Silk E, Rico Pabon, Khalil Anthony, and Starchild Dance.

Welcome to the new Free the SF 8 blog

This blog is an unofficial addition or supplement to the web site for the campaign to Free the SF 8, which is at Here we will concentrate on what's new in the case and the campaign:
  • court dates,
  • reports on hearings,
  • upcoming events,
  • new publications, etc.

For all the background in all kinds of media – print, audio, and video – see the main web site, as always.

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