Wednesday, December 10, 2008

International Human Rights Day Vigil: SF 8 Delegation to Jerry Brown

SF 8 supporters joined some three to four dozen spirited demonstrators participated in the Ecumenical Peace Institute's weekly anti-war vigil at the Oakland Federal Building December 9 in an expanded International Human Rights Day event. Demonstrators celebrated this day by projecting international human rights issues from Iraq and Afghanistan to the Haitian political prisoners (in particular Ronald Dauphin) to the SF 8. Participants included, in addition to the Committee to Free the San Francisco 8: the Ecumenical Peace Institute, the Haiti Action Committee, Gabriela Network, Global Women's Strike, Bay Area Labor Committee for Peace and Justice, Peace & Freedom Party, Women for Peace Mustardseed Affinity Group, and the Buddhist Peace Fellowship.

Open Letter to the California Attorney General

A delegation consisting of members from the SF 8 Committee, Haiti Action, and a legal observer then went to Attorney General Jerry Brown’s office at the Oakland State Office Building to provide him with the Open Letter calling for dropping the charges against the SF 8. According to the delegation, “On the floor where the AG’s office is located, there was absolutely no one there. No one, not even a secretary. Talk about hollow government! Eventually we found a receptionist on another floor who made multiple phone calls about what to do with us, and ultimately agreed to take our packet and to give it to the Attorney General.

Ecumenical Peace Institute, Women in Black, and other groups maintain a weekly vigil each Tuesday noon at the Oakland Federal Building calling for an end to the occupation of Iraq.

Haiti Action Committee highlighted the issue of political prisoners in Haiti, focusing on the case of Ronald Dauphin. Dauphin is a Lavalas political prisoner who has been held in nightmarish conditions since the 2004 coup that overthrew the democratic government of President Jean-Bertrand Aristide. The vigil also raised the continuing demand for the safe return of Haitian human rights activist, Lovinsky Pierre-Antoine, who was disappeared on August 12, 2007.

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